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Volt Credit Union wants to be your go-to financial services institution! We offer savings accounts, checking accounts, mortgages, and auto loans. Are you interested in buying a new or used vehicle? Todays’ blog from Volt Credit Union talks about the best times of year to get a car loan, particularly if you’re looking for great deals.

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Car dealerships are much busier on weekends because people have time off to shop for cars. Salespeople might not have time to devote to your sale or explore giving you a better deal on a new or used car. A 2016 study from TrueCar found that shopping on a Monday yielded a savings of 8.1%. The same is true for places offering a car loan like Volt Credit Union: we’re open for business and ready to serve you!


The end of May is a great time for a car loan as you look to purchase a new or used vehicle. Car dealerships want potential buyers to get ready for summer trips with the family. The previous winter may also be on the minds of drivers and manufacturers, as May is a big month to find a great deal on an SUV.


October is when next year’s vehicle models start rolling onto the lot. That means there are lots of still-new vehicles from the current model year that the dealer wants to get rid of! Car dealerships need space for their new inventory. Columbus Day offers a three-day weekend filled with deals and car shopping. You might find October is a great time to get a car loan, too.

November Into December

November and December are great months to buy a car. November offers everyone’s favorite day of deals, Black Friday, on the day after Thanksgiving. December marks the end of the calendar and sales year, so dealers want to scramble to meet sales goals. The key to remember is that car dealers may get a bonus if they hit an annual sales goal. You might be able to shave a few thousand dollars off of a car loan with a great deal at the end of the year.

Tips for Getting a Car Loan

Get a few things ready as you get ready to apply for a car loan. 

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Need Help With a Car Loan? Volt Credit Union Can Help!

Volt Credit Union is here to help you with a car loan for a new or used vehicle. We promise honesty and excellent customer service: Our employees get to know your name and your needs, and we treat you like a valued member. Contact Volt Credit Union or call (417) 862-0471 for more information.

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