Ensuring financial security is always a very personal process. This is why we at Volt Credit Union in Springfield, Mo believe that it should be a personalized experience. We are looking to engage with our members to aid them in providing the security their families deserve. Getting started with local banking can feel arduous, but it isn’t  and our fabulous credit union agents are here to walk you through the entire process. 

Calling All Community Members!

If you are a member of the local 417 community, you qualify for membership with this community financial credit union! It’s that easy. Just bring in your driver’s license and proof of address via a previous bank statement, payroll check, or utility bill and we’ll get started on our quick and easy application process. 

The Application

Our tellers will help you fill out the application to become a member. If you bring in the account and routing number of your previous financial institution, we’ll set up a transfer of funds for you once your application is approved. Credit Union share and checking accounts all come with microchipped ATM accessible cards, and connection to our shared branching network. 

Identification Needed

Acceptable forms of identification to become a member include:

Proof of Residency

Connecting you to our local community is as simple as showing us:


As a non profit, member owned,  Equal Housing Lender and NCUA backed community financial credit union, Volt CU works to be the difference in the average banking experience. All members become part of their banking and borrowing experience. This being said, maintaining operations does involve a membership fee. 

The benefit to banking with a community financial credit union is that membership, and maintenance fees incurred with us are going to be lower than fees incurred at a bank. Credit Unions offer more freedom and flexibility in the borrowing experience as well. Your money is invested into your financial experience, instead of a for profit institution. 

Our team of tellers and experienced financial advisors will discuss your fee with you and help you spark into your Volt CU experience while remaining informed on the credit union banking difference. 

Volt Credit Will Guide Your Membership Process

We proudly support all of our community financial credit union members. If you are interested in learning more about the credit union banking experience, then come on into Volt Credit Union in Springfield, Missouri. We’ll make sure you have everything you need to launch into your financial future.

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