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Volt Credit Union is part of a vast network of shared branches that includes 5,000 locations and 30,000 ATMs across the United States. This nationwide network is unified and supported by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA). Today’s blog from Volt Credit Credit explains the details about the CUNA.

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About CUNA

CUNA is the champion for the credit union movement in all 50 states and Washington DC. Its members advocate on behalf of America’s credit unions to protect the best interests of credit union members. The group also fuels professional growth for employees and leaders of credit unions, thereby making institutions more viable and customer-friendly.


Members of CUNA (such as Volt Credit Union) belong to a trade association that’s very active in the financial sector. Ballast Research in 2020 found that CUNA-led initiatives are some of the best in the business for credit unions and their 120 million members nationwide. Not only does CUNA use civic engagement to talk to members at local branches, but the organization also directly speaks to policymakers at federal and state levels. Ballast rated CUNA number one in advocacy for the fifth year in a row in 2020 among all credit union advocacy groups.

What makes CUNA unique is that it’s bipartisan. The organization doesn’t belong to red states, blue states, conservatives, liberals, Republicans, or Democrats. It talks to senators and representatives on both sides of the aisle in the capitol.

CUNA also has local roots. Member leagues at the state level talk to local credit unions on a regular basis. They take their ideas to state lawmakers and federal policymakers.

Priorities of CUNA

CUNA has several priorities. 

Consumer protection forms a major part of CUNA’s backbone. The organization ensures that lawmakers put policies in place that keep costs competitive and services affordable, including mortgages and auto loans. 

Tax issues are a big deal for credit unions, because they’re nonprofit organizations. If the federal government changes that tax status, costs may go up markedly.

Payments and technology continue to evolve. CUNA makes sure payment technology includes robust security measures and that nothing falls through the cracks regarding cybersecurity. 

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Have Questions? Volt Credit Union Has Answers!

Do you have questions about the CUNA? Volt Credit Union is a member of this organization! Contact Volt Credit Union today and we’ll have answers!

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