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One of the benefits of being a member of a credit union is better interest rates on your share accounts and share certificates. These tools offer you some incentives for keeping your money with us! What’s a share certificate? Volt Credit Union explains!

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What is a share certificate?

A share certificate from Volt Credit Union is when you agree to leave your money in a savings account for a specified period of time. You earn higher interest rates on share certificates above a traditional share certificate (or savings account at a traditional financial institution).

Time Frames

Volt Credit Union has several options for share certificates. Leave your money in the account for 3, 6, 9, 12, or 24 months. The longer you leave the money in, the more interest your account makes over the course of a year. For example, a 12-month share certificate for $10,000 earning 0.60% interest would return $60 of interest over that year. For current rates, check out our Share Certificates page. Rates change over time, and your individual return on investment may vary.

Amounts of Money

Our share certificates have a minimum opening deposit of $1,000. One share certificate has a $500 minimum opening deposit for 12 months, but it has a lower interest rate versus our higher share certificates.

What do we do with your investment?

Interest rates are fixed over the time of the share certificate. While you keep your money with us, we give you interest because Volt Credit Union uses that money to give other members the loans they need. Our share accounts and share certificates are how we keep more money for investments. Don’t worry: your money is in good hands! At the end of your share certificate’s term-length, you get some interest on top of your initial investment for letting us borrow your money. It’s like you’re a lender helping others buy a car or home!

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Share Certificates From Volt Credit Union

Interested in making a little money through a share certificate? Volt Credit Union can provide a return on your savings at the time your investment matures. Contact us today or call (417) 862-0471 for more information on how this process works!

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