Volt Credit Union is a unique banking experience that revolts against traditional banking. We care about member ownership of their funds, a wide reach of funds when traveling, and providing competitive rates in the borrowing experience. In today’s blog we specifically discuss the two main benefits of choosing a community financial credit union.

Federally Backed Funding

The benefits to banking with a credit union reach far beyond knowing your local teller by name, though that is a wonderful benefit in itself! Credit Unions are backed with federal funding, which means they are nonprofit organizations. 

This allows us to title our institutions as member owned. Every person that joins our institution and places their finances in our care, is investing into the institution themselves.

As a community financial credit union member with Volt CU, you will have the freedom to conduct your finances safely with the assurance of the National Credit Union Association backing and insurance of up to $250,000 of your assets per each single share you claim with us. 

Small Town Feel Big City Reach

Modern credit unions mean modern connections. Volt CU is proud to showcase our shared branching network created with our community financial credit union members in mind. 

We are partnered with local credit unions and banks around the US to offer a wide reach for your funds. Feel safe and assured while travelling out of state by using your mobile banking app to locate sister/shared branching credit unions and banks around you. Their ATMs allow direct access to your funds, and their lobbies are open to you in the same way our lobby is. 

Volt Credit Union On Local Banking

If you’re seeking to have ownership over your banking experience by entrusting real and relevant locals to handle your money, then Volt Credit Union is for you. If you have any questions regarding membership, or simply want to talk about your finances with one of our in-house financial professionals we’d love to speak with you. Contact us today, or call (417) 520-0374. 

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