It’s October, which means Halloween is right around the corner. And if you have young children, they probably have been reminding you frequently that the season of candy is coming. Halloween, however, doesn’t have to be an expensive holiday. There are great ways to budget it while still keeping it fun for everyone. In this blog Volt CU will give you great tips to avoid overspending on the candy bag.

Homemade Costume

It isn’t always possible, but often if you can make a costume yourself or have items around the house, you might save a bit of money on dressing up. Kids’ costumes can get expensive, so if you are crafty, handy with a sewing machine, or great at following DIY tutorials, give it a go. 

Maybe coordinate with other parents to have your kids go as a theme or group costume, then you can work together, and the kids might be more willing to go along with the idea. They may even get to help make the costumes!

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Buy Costumes Early

If your child is set on a particular character, then find out and start shopping early. The longer you wait, the harder it may be to find, and the more you will likely have to spend. Give yourself a chance to shop around for the best deal.

Buy Candy in Bulk

If you are handing out candy, decide on a kind beforehand and buy it in bulk. The earlier you buy, the more time you will have to shop around. And remember, candy is candy; you don’t have to have the most expensive candy on the block. Things like suckers are a favorite, and you can get quite a bit for a lower price. Suckers can also be allergy-friendly for those kids avoiding nuts.

Find Free Events Around Town

There are likely many free family events around town on or before Halloween. They can provide safe opportunities for your kids to get a few wears out of their costume and collect more candy, play games, and participate in fun activities.

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