Volt Credit Union 85,000 Moments of Impact

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single match.” 

The Buddha might have said something very similar, but it’s the perfect description of our 85,000 Moments of Impact campaign at Volt Credit Union.

What does it mean to impact 85,000 people? For us, that means more than half of Springfield’s population. We can make it happen! In today’s blog from Volt Credit Union, we take a closer look at our 85,000 Moments of Impact campaign, shared with the social media hashtag #85ksparks.

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Kicking Off the Campaign

The first part of the 85,000 Moments of Impact campaign starts with three essential nonprofits that support women in our area. Volt Credit Union will match any donations made by members to The Victim Center, Safe To Sleep, and Women In Need. We’ll match all donations up to but not exceeding $15,000. 

The Victim Center

The Victim Center provides free-of-charge services for women who need immediate help as victims of violent and/or sexual crimes. A 24-hour crisis response team, counseling, personal advocacy, and legal support. This organization serves any person who has experienced family violence, sexual violence, stalking, human trafficking, armed robbery, kidnapping, or witnessing a homicide. The Victim Center provides supportive services for victims to mitigate the physical, emotional, and psychological effects of violent crimes.

The Victim Center began in 1976 and has been a stalwart in the Springfield community ever since. The organization provides prevention education services by facilitating classes in schools, businesses, and organizations. Unfortunately, violent crimes are a part of our society. This organization serves as a light in times of personal darkness. The Victim Center runs with the help of Victim Advocate volunteers and donations.

Safe to Sleep

Safe to Sleep is a temporary homeless women’s shelter as part of the Council of Churches of the Ozarks. The facility provides beds for up to 40 women at night, and during the day it assists guests in setting goals towards working for a more permanent housing solution. 

Donors can Adopt a Night to ensure up to 40 women can have a safe place to sleep on the night you choose. Safe to Sleep needs two volunteers each night, 365 nights a year, as one of this organization’s greatest needs.

Women in Need of the Ozarks

Women in Need of the Ozarks has been supporting women of the Ozarks since 2003. The overall goal is to improve self-esteem by providing resources and reinforcement that develop qualities of compassion, professionalism, and motivation to help women succeed.

Our organization helps women with house payments, utility bills, medical costs, and much more. Volunteers work with women to empower their independence.

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Join Volt Credit Union as We Ignite 85,000 Sparks

Volt Credit Union wants to ignite 85,000 sparks and have 85,000 Moments of Impact. Even one spark can light thousands of candles!  Contact Volt Credit Union or call (417) 862-0471 for more information.

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