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A debit or credit card represents a convenient way to pay for things. These are modern ways of life, and just about everyone uses the financial tools available with these banking options. Today’s blog from Volt Credit Union discusses how to keep your debit and credit card transactions safe from fraud and theft.

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Only Use Secure Transactions

Online transactions should always be secure. Whether using a web browser or an app, there should be an indication of the site’s security. On web browsers, that typically means a padlock icon somewhere along the top of the browser window. Volt’s online banking portal has this secure feature. If you select the padlock icon, you can view our security certificate or contact us for more questions about the security on our website.

Contact Us Immediately if a Card Is Lost or Stolen

Contact Volt Credit Union immediately, during or after business hours, if your card becomes lost or stolen. That way, we can halt any and all transactions that may show up on your card. The local number is (417) 862-0471. For after hours, call 1-888-430-7199.

For a permanent fix, we’ll disable the old card and send you a new one as soon as possible. Our employees will make sure your finances stay safe!

Notify Us of Any Travel Plans

Volt Credit Union diligently watches out for fraudulent activity on your debit or credit card accounts. We may decline an out-of-town transaction if that isn’t normal activity for you. We may also block specific locations that experience high amounts of fraudulent activity.

Let us know your travel dates and destinations, the cards you plan on using, and your contact information so we can reach you while you’re away.

Look for Verified by Visa: 3-D Secure Authentication

Verified by Visa is a robust security service that adds an extra layer of security to your card transactions. This service uses advanced technology to verify your identity. When you shop at merchants who participate in the 3-D Secure program, the card provider scores the transaction based on several risk models. The result of the program determines whether the transaction is approved or declined. You’ll be notified privately of the declined transaction, and you’ll need to contact your nearest Volt CU branch for assistance.

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Have Questions? Volt Credit Union Has Answers!

Do you have questions about the security systems in place to protect you against theft and fraud from online transactions? Contact Volt Credit Union today and we’ll have answers! 

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